Griffin's Yacht Services as a company had its beginnings as "Griffin's Marine Services" in the early 1990s, when Tim Griffin built a company around the skills and reputation he had gained over more than a decade as a machinery technician. Despite consistent success and healthy growth, Griffin's Marine Services was dissolved in 1997 after Tim took a lucrative offer at one of the most prestigious and demanding yacht operations in South Florida, with JM Family Enterprises on the Gallant Lady. After 8 years with the company, having risen through the ranks from Chief Engineer to Marine Operations Manager, Tim left in 2005 and began planning the construction of a new yacht servicing company.

Today, Griffin's Yacht Services is a flourishing organization of 8 technicians and support staff. We have serviced nearly 1,000 individual customers in South Florida, ranging from mid-size pleasure yachts to 200ft megayachts, all with the utmost integrity and attention to detail and at a fair price. As our business has grown and the difficulties of multi-specialty servicing have mounted, we've steadily narrowed our sights on the marine plumbing market, developing close relationships with some of the most advanced marine sanitation engineering firms in the world.

We now look towards the future as we prepare to implement new and innovative methods of supporting both our own technicians and our customers, setting a higher standard for marine service companies both in the US and around the world.